April 29, 2012
Personalized Skin Care
April 29, 2012


Any of these treatments may be used individually or combined with any facial or body treatment.

Increase micro circulation, detoxify, lift, tone and firm. “Facial Pilates”

Homemade sea salt and essential oil blends leave your feet feeling rejuvenated.

Pumpkin feeds the skin, cinnamon stimulates blood flow and flushes impurities.

Re-balance, revitalize and relax with this back massage.

This treatment stimulates collagen production, promotes cell turnover and tightens skin.

This treatment tightens and tones the facial muscles.

Ultrasonic vibrations are used to exfoliate dead skin cells, increase blood circulation, aid in lymphatic drainage, and soften fine lines.

Oxygen & serums work in conjunction to reach & repair the skin at a cellular level achieving optimum results. Firmer, smoother, fresher skin. Purify, detoxify, stimulate & improve circulation, heal the skin, soften fine lines, brighter & rejuvenated skin.

Renew skin & accelerate skin cell regeneration. Stimulate collagen production, fight free radical damage. Repair damage such as age spots, fine lines and wrinkles for young healthy skin, increase dermal collagen synthesis, reduce appearance of scars. Improves texture and firmness.

Growth Factor eye firming mask. Improve appearance of fine lines and stimulate collagen synthesis. Experience a miraculous eye line eraser.